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As a translator of the Intelligence of the Tarot, he will aid you to connect yourself directly with your own Superior Self,
in order to orient yourself in the correct direction in every sector of your life. Making decisions in life guided by your true
nature you will be, not an inert and passive spectator but a knowledgeable and active creator of your own future.

In the thousands of sessions I have conducted in these years, I have seen people change their lives radically
and I can say, with no hesitation, that I have been present at the manifestation of actual miracles.
I never refuse any question, as one may arrive at the center from any peripheral point of departure.
You may ask any question, because even that which seems the most banal and secondary, is always
a reflection of who you are, of Your Unity.

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planet2 Existential

What is the origin of the mechanisms which are trapping you cyclically in the same patterns of action? Are you “dancing your life”, or that of someone else? How to make your talent and your gifts emerge in order to realize yourself satisfactorily?

family Family and genealogy

What influence do your parents have upon you, still today? What remote episode, under the threshold of your consciousness, continues to limit you? Why do you always search for approval or confirmation, as if you must prove your worth? Why do you repeat, in your adult life, the same mechanisms learned or imposed upon you as a child? What secret hides and perpetuates itself in your family tree?

casa House

Should you buy or rent that house? For what price should you purchase that land or that property? Your daily environments weigh upon you and cause you distress: how to purify them? Would it be wise to move to another house/city/nation? Will it be the right place to begin a better life?

spirit Spiritual

What exactly are you learning in this phase of your spiritual Journey? In what trials do you find yourself, and what is the meaning of your present difficulties? The school or course you would like to frequent, would be a valid support for your quest? Are you following the direction of your Soul?


relazione Relationships

Why do you continue to encounter the same sort of partner, as if in a surreal script? Why are you not able to find a similar and complementary Soul? Why can you not initiate or develop a joyous and fulfilling relationship? Which aspects of your character are obstructing your love life?

lavoro Work

Is your job the right one for you, or is it time to let your old activity go in order to express your talent in another direction? Why are you not able to build a serene and collaborative relationship with your boss or colleagues? Is the business stratagy you have evolved a success? Is the chosen candidate the right one for the hypothetical job?


Is the investment your bank has offered you, a good one? Will you gain more by investing now, or should you wait? Is your consultant trustworthy and competent? Is the amount agreed on right? Is it possible to arrive at the sum you desire?



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